What is Startup Cricket League

Startup Cricket League or SCL is one of a kind, nationwide platform to unite entrepreneurs and all other stakeholders of Indian Startup Ecosystem through the medium of the most popular Sport in India, Cricket. SCL is one of the largest Informal Networking Platform for Entrepreneurs, Investors, Incubators, Accelerators and other Startup enablers.

SCL operates throughout the year with a goal to enrich Indian Startup Ecosystem and empower Entrepreneurs to build scalable and sustainable Enterprises through a series of exciting initiatives including our SCL Flagship, SCL Yorked Stories and SCL Trophy Tour.


SCL Flagship

Startup Cricket League Flagship is a mega event that happens once in a year at all the major Startup hubs in India. More than 2000+ startup community people join for this event in each city.

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SCL Yorked Stories

SCL Yorked Stories is a monthly recurring, community meetup which encourages entrepreneurs to share their startup experiences, learnings, journeys and exciting stories with other budding entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts.

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SCL in Press



Founder and Chief Organiser

Email: sai@startupcricketleague.com

Phone: 9989122303

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